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Signs Gone Wrong

May 16, 2009

Some signs go wrong (or right depending on how you look at things). Three such signs follow:

1)  We were driving around Binakayan (in Cavite) when Tita Niña called our attention to a sign in a car service center that said,

Customers not allowed inside.

I think potential customers would like to reply,

Customers don’t want to go inside.

Or perhaps, they’d like to ask,

What customers?

2)  Tita Niña’s husband then told us about a sign that he saw on a highway.  There was some road widening going on and the sign was put up as some sort of public warning (so that motorists will understand the heavy traffic, I suppose).  The sign stated,


Men at work

Oh, yes.  I’m sure the motorists now understand why there’s heavy traffic in the area.  It’s not truly because of the construction work going on but the “slow men” who are doing the work, he he he.

3.  This is a retelling of a previous story.  There was a boarding house in Caloocan.  The landlord or landlady is looking for new boarders, but his/her sign indicated something else entirely.  The sign said,


Lady Bedspacer

For Rent

Wow!  The landlord/landlady is not looking for a mere boarder but a lady he or she could rent, he he he.

Moral of the story:  Syntax is important – really. 🙂

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