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Love Letter Dedication

April 24, 2009

V , who is the minder of the store downstairs, got a love letter today.  It’s a for-real, “I Love You” love letter.  A lady who lived across the street gave it to him.  From what I was able to gather, this lady has long been sending languishing looks V’s way.  They got to talking yesterday and exchanged cell phone numbers.  V sent her a text message yesterday evening, and she gave V a love letter this morning.  Fast worker, eh?

The love letter was typical of high school (and perhaps elementary school) love letters.  It was written on a piece of ruled, loose leaf paper and folded into an intricate pattern.  It was also full of text shortcuts (kasi has become “kac,” etc.)  I won’t reproduce the letter here, but here’s its gist:

I’m sorry for not texting back; I had no load (airtime credit).  I am writing this letter today because I don’t want you to think that I’m ignoring your text messages.  Thanks for texting me; I appreciate your messages.   I’m sorry for my “ugly” penmanship; I’m ugly anyway.

The body of the letter is entertaining to read, no doubt.  However, the dedications part (written in a different orientation from the main letter) is even funnier.

[vocabulary note: the term “dedication”  in this context refers to a short, memorable rhyme; plural is dedications]

One of the dedications has been taken up by the resident leprechaun in my brain; he has been chanting it on and off  the whole day long.   This particular dedication follows:

Ang sulat kong pangit

Itago ng pilit

Kapag ito’y napunit

Ikaw ang kapalit

O, di ba?  Winner!  Sa’n ka pa!  🙂

*[English translation]

My ugly letter

Do keep

If you tear it

You’ll replace it

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  1. April 28, 2009 10:46 am

    Hey Jinky! Kumusta? Busy mo ata ngayon ah..hehe..
    Anyway natawa talaga ako dito sa post nato, I remember nung elementary usong-uso talaga to (wala pa kasing cellphone nun..hehe) and Pinoys don’t change talaga, before sa papel dinadaan ang quotes or “dedication” ngayon sa text na..hehehe..

    • April 28, 2009 6:51 pm


      Long time! Miss you! That letter was really funny. I’ve been asking V to show it to me again because I forgot the other dedications; the dedication posted here got stuck to my gray matter, though. V forgot to show me the letter before I left for Manila, unfortunately.

      Busy talaga. I’ve been commuting between Bicol and Manila, then Manila and Laguna. Next week, I’m going to Batangas then the week after, it’s Cavite. Unfortunately, these are not vacation trips at all. They’re all work, and I’m so tired. 😦

      Ikaw, musta na? 🙂



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