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Late-Twenties Crisis

February 4, 2011

Image by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (Lmbuga Commons)(Lmbuga Galipedia) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (

When do we reach adulthood? It might be much later than we traditionally think.  -Craig Bennett

While waiting for a video to load, I suddenly had this urge to create a list of my late-twenties likes, dislikes, questions, realizations, and what-nots.  I call them simply my late-twenties crisis list.

I’d like to say that I am writing this list in the hope that they could be of help to others.  People, after reading my list, might live their better lives and have much finer things to write about when it’s their turn to write a late-twenties crisis list.  To be honest, though, I am writing these things down only because they were a persistent itch I had to scratch in order to find peace.


  1. I don’t like people who bray like a donkey when they find something amusing.  It’s a different matter if something’s really, really, really, ridiculously amusing.
  2. I don’t like butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouth people who rub their butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouthness in other people’s faces every chance they get.
  3. I don’t like gossipmongers.
  4. I don’t like chatterboxes without an off switch.
  5. I don’t like people who discuss what happened in a TV show in a manner of a finance analyst giving the lowdown on the current state of the stock market.
  6. I don’t like people who talk of nothing else but other people.
  7. I don’t like people who tell me other people’s secrets; makes me think they’ll tell other people about my secrets if I am fool enough to reveal them.

Realization:  I don’t like a lot of people.


  1. I love Gardenia wheat bread.
  2. I love walking and running whenever I can.
  3. I love biking.
  4. I love kdramas and jdoramas.
  5. I particularly love Hotaru no Hikari.

Realization:  Nothing that I can think of, apart from the obvious – that I like all of the above and that my likes list is far from exhaustive.


  1. 3 months in Europe: I’d make Italy my base, and during weekends, I’d go gallivanting around the Mediterranean. I’d visit  Switzerland, France and Spain. I’d also go to Greece and Egypt.
  2. 1 whole month of free time with which to develop  domains: Right now, I have a lot of domains, but I have yet to  develop most of them.
  3. learn web programming: I’d love to be able to make my own scripts. ^_^
  4. a kick-ass camera: I’d love to study photography and take great pictures.
  5. bungee jumping: I’d probably be too scared to go through with it, though, if and when the time comes.


  1. I work at home.
  2. Realization: I work in my lounge-around-the-house clothes (white cotton t-shirt, cotton shorts, flip-flops).  They’re very comfortable.  I also don’t have office politics to deal with.  However, work-at-home people don’t have sick leave.  I can be absent, though, by going out (which is crazy, if you think about it).

  3. I don’t get enough hours of sleep.
  4. Realization: The above – and the fact that I must get enough sleep. I’ll have to try harder to sleep longer.

  5. I’ve lost 16 pounds.
  6. Realization 1: Exercise really, really works.

    Realization 2: I was overweight – and the funny thing is, I didn’t realize that I was putting on so much weight. In my mind, I am still as svelte as I was when I was 16. 😀 It’s incredible, the disparity between how we look like inside our mind and how we look like in reality.

  7. I am in my late twenties.
  8. Realization: I am getting old.

  9. I get obsessed by details.
  10. When somebody tells me a story, I always ask the darndest questions: where was he sitting? what was he doing? what time was it? why was he there? where did he go next?

    When I have a writing assignment, I read tons and tons of references; I start writing only when I feel I truly understand the topic. As a case in point: After I was assigned domaining topics, I learned enough about the domaining business that I actually started investing in domains. After I was assigned weight loss/fitness topics, I started exercising and applying what I learned – thus the weight loss.

  11. I need precision.
  12. I read, revise and review my drafts countless times before I submit them. Should I use a different adjective? Is there a better way of stating this fact? Is there a better way of organizing my paragraphs? What is this article saying, really? Is it aligned with the article’s intended message?

    Realization: I’m a perfectionist – but, of course, other people see it simply as me being fond of “splitting hairs.” 🙂

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  1. February 15, 2011 8:22 pm

    nagpaparamdam po. I have read this the day I got an email alert (subscriber ito.hehe). I love fact #3!! Way to go Jinky! Now to work on mine.hehe

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