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I Feel You…

July 29, 2009

Presidentiables can’t get enough of TV airtime, it seems.  Let’s read between the lines and see what each of them wants to tell us in their “kampamersyals.”  

On an aside, Wowowee seems to be a favorite hang-out of would-be Presidents.  Mar Roxas was a guest once; so was Manny Villar.   I wonder when Gilbert Teodoro and Loren Legarda will make their appearance.


I am Mr. Palengke turned Padyak Boy and now Robin Hood.  My message is simple.  I do not merely understand what you are trying to tell me.  I can empathize with you and you can relate with me.  I know how to ride a Padyak, after all. 

(Listen to the man screaming “Good job, Mar! Good job!”  Your approbation is very important to me.  I’m glad you know how good a job I’m doing.)

A lot of other people (specifically, other presidentiables) will come to woo you to get your votes.  You should not believe them.  They may tell you what they supposedly want to do for you, but they don’t and won’t really listen to you.  I, on the other hand, do and will always listen.  In fact, I go beyond listening.  I FEEL YOU…

How can you beat a President who “feels you?”

p.s. By the way, do you know I’m engaged to be married?  I cried in Wowowee.  You see, I’m a person just like you. I also fall in love, and I cry when I feel happy and touched.


I am a philanthropist.  I love you and will always help you.  Mar may tell you he “feels you,” but I am much better than him because I AM ONE OF YOU. 

That’s right.  I was poor – poorer than some of you – and I lived in a ramshackle hut in Tondo (oh, yes!  that Tondo).  This house was so small we were packed in like sardines.  Oh, and yeah, the roof leaked when it rained. 

I’m not poor now, but that’s because I’m hardworking. Repeat that:  I worked hard to get where I am now.  Even so, I haven’t forgotten my roots and where I came from.  My heart and pocketbook are always open if you need my help.  Really.  So forget everything bad you’ve heard about me.   TRY ME.  TRUST ME.


Hi everyone!  I know what’s wrong with this country.  I also know just what we need to resolve these problems.  CHANGE!  That’s right!  Change or Pagbabago.  Spell change.  L O R E N   L E G A R D A.  Brilliant!


I don’t really have much of a personal message to you, yet.  Just know that I will help when disaster strikes.  By the way, here are some tips on how you can prepare yourself for typhoons and other calamities.  Incidentally, they spell my name. 

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