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Why, Kris?

June 19, 2009
June 11
Saw Pinoy Bingo Night; couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.  I was captivated by the walking, gesticulating and screeching exclamation point – or was it a letter opener – onscreen.
Kris' weird gown Another look at Kris' gown

*Pictures taken with a camera phone during the airing of Pinoy Bingo Night

Another said Kris’ gown made her look like a bowling pin.  I say it also made her look like a Kaminoan – the people who cloned the bounty hunter in Star Wars.
Kaminoan image taken from

Kaminoan image taken from

The next night (or was it the night after that), I saw Pinoy Bingo Night in passing once again.  This time, Kris was wearing a yellow gown adorned with yellow flowers (exactly the same shade as the gown).

Did Kris’ fashion sense hit the roof then go into a coma?  Is it suffering from amnesia?  Surely, this can be the only explanation why the usually glam and well-dressed Kris appeared in really hideous gowns in two (consecutive?) nights .   Generally, I do not care what Kris wears; I’m not even into fashion.  The gowns were just sooo bad I had to write about them; otherwise, their images will slowly burn a hole in that little pocket of my mind where I have stored them.

On a positive note, Kris has lost weight and she’s looking great (bar the gown).

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