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The Debut

February 2, 2011

I got invited to a debut. I was in my sophomore year, I think. I knew mauve was the motif, so I shopped for a dress with that in mind. I ended up with a wonderfully cut burgundy silk dress. I wanted to blend in; burgundy is not mauve, but it’s just a difference of shades. On a side note, I obviously like burgundy, for when I checked my closet just now, I saw at least 5 evening dresses in burgundy.

When I reached the venue, I realized that the tablecloths were exactly the same shade of burgundy I had on. Uh-oh. I wanted to blend in, but not to the extent that I’d be mistaken for a piece of furniture.

But what to do? What else could I do? I swallowed my embarrassment, gritted my teeth and pretended not to notice how the waiters couldn’t tell where my dress ended and the tablecloth began. Soon enough, I really forgot about the problem and started enjoying myself. Of course, I have wonderful pictures to remind me to never, ever, ever dress in the same color family as an event’s motif. 😀

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