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A Toast to Tio Romy

January 31, 2009

It was a day much like any other in January.  The clouds hid the sun but, undaunted, Sol shone on and gilded the cloud cover with a curious but  lovely golden pattern.  It was refreshingly cool – by our standards that is; the ambient temperature remained below 23 degree Celsius.  The wind blew with a sweet, soothing sigh.  It was a day for rest, relaxation and reflection and I made sure I did all three.  Little did I know how drastically the day would turn.

That day was the 22nd of January.  As it turned out, this day would end like no other.

Nine-thirty p.m.  I was downstairs.  I was drawing a diagram of our new site’s navigation structure at the same time that I manned the store.  It was a slow day.  I had no work pending as I had decided to set aside December and this month for QII activities.  Thus, I did not accept new projects and, instead, concentrated on vision-, mission- and goal-setting as well as logistics  planning.  While calculating the change for a customer, Alvin came down and told me I was needed upstairs.  Tio Romy has passed away.

I would not (in fact could not) talk about the the sorrow and the feeling of loss that I  have been feeling ever since that fateful day.  Let me talk instead about the man he was and the man he will always be in our hearts.  The message from his family says it most clearly:

To the husband who has dedicated his whole life to his family,
to the father who has made us his inspiration and has inspired us in return,
to the man who has taught us in deed that integrity and the good life can go hand in hand…

walk tall, for we are very proud of you.

Tio Romy, wherever you are, cheers!  We’ll always remember with fondness our badminton sessions, our political debates, our coffee breaks, our dinners out, and our midnight snacks.   We’ll see each other again, I know.  Meanwhile, rest assured that Jabu and I will keep the sizzling corn and sizzling pusit hot for you.

More tribute to Romeo Duazo Elizan (February 15, 1949 – January 22, 2009)


Safely Home, Papa

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