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Fruity Creamy Jelly

December 15, 2008
Fruity Cream Jelly

Fruity Creamy Jelly

These past few days, Ive been obsessed with making jelly dessert.

Several days ago, I bought two boxes of Knox unflavored gelatin, a 240-mL can of Del Monte mango juice, and a tetra pack each of Alaska condensed milk, all-purpose cream and evaporated filled milk. All in all, I spent more than PhP 300 on ingredients without having any definite idea on how I would use them. That day, at around 12 midnight, I made my first attempt at making jelly dessert. I used 1 envelope of Knox gelatin and followed the prescribed proportions (although I used my own mixture for the flavoring).   The next morning, I checked my concoction and found a thick block of gelatin that tasted very, very creamy.

It tasted good, but it was not the specific taste I was looking for. It was so milky, so creamy, so chewy – so overwhelmingly everything. I offered Jing a taste but I did not offer it to anyone else. I wanted it to be perfect before I let everyone else taste it.

I proceeded to make another one that evening. This time, I wanted to make jelly with suspended streaks of chocolate and slices of peaches. I did not use milk and cream this time. I used another envelope of Knox gelatin but I used more fluids (water and peach syrup) than I used last time; this time, I wanted to achieve a rubbery consistency rather than mousse-like thickness. I also added sugar for Jing complained that my first attempt was not sweet enough. I was also planning to cut chunks of my first attempt and some peaches to add to the basic, sweetened jelly; they’d serve as the flavoring this time.

I did achieve the right consistency but I left it too long in the chiller before I added the choco syrup, the peaches and the chunks of my first attempt. I should have taken it out when the mixture had the consistency of “unbeaten egg white”.  Sigh… 😥

I had to whip the gel so I could add the choco syrup, the peaches and the milk blocks (my name for the result of my first attempt) but I was too lazy to heat the mixture up so that the gel would soften a bit.   Needless to say, my second attempt was another failure – and it looked much fuglier than the first as well.  The whole thing ended in the trash can, except the peaches and the milk blocks, which I ate.

Yesterday, I took out another envelope of Knox, sprinkled the gel powder over cold mango juice (more than the amount called for), heated up the rest of the mango juice, evaporated milk, some cream, some sugar, and around two drops of vanilla extract in a saucepan (added some water when the mixture became too thick) and poured a little less than a cup of this hot mixture into the bowl with the softened gelatin.  I stirred everything, put it in the mold, stored left-over milk-cream-juice mixture in a sealed container, and put gelatin and the mixture in the refrigerator.  This morning, I took the gelatin out of its mold, cut everything in cubes and offered everyone a taste of my dessert – and they loved it, as I knew they would he he he 😆 .  I knew I found the magic formula this time.

Today, I used the remaining envelope of gelatin (one box of Knox contains 4 envelopes), sprinkled it over 1/3 cup of cold milk-cream-juice mixture (left over from yesterday) and let it stand to soften the gelatin.  I added some cold water when I noticed that some gelatin powder remained unsoftened.  I  juiced one kiat-kiat, added the juice and the mashed rind to the remaining milk-cream-juice mixture, put the resulting mix in a saucepan and heated  it up.  Again, I added some sugar and water.  When it was hot enough, I added the softened gelatin and stirred the mixture for 5 minutes.  Naturally, some of the fluid evaporated in the process so I added some hot water to thin out the mixture a bit.  I then put the mixture in a mold and left it in the refrigerator to chill.

This evening, I whipped the remaining cream, diluted some chocolate syrup with hot water, took the gelatin out of its mold, poured the diluted chocolate over it, piled lots of whipped cream on top, and drizzled the lot with undiluted chocolate syrup.

It was another success!   😉   I’ll be making some ice cream next time…

Here are two more pictures of today’s gelatin dessert:

Fruity Cream Jelly

Fruity Creamy Jelly

Fruity Cream Jelly

Fruity Creamy Jelly

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  1. January 17, 2009 11:29 pm


    Thanks for saying so. Modesty aside, masarap talaga sya. 🙂

  2. January 16, 2009 9:46 am

    mukang masarap!

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