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Pacquiao versus De La Hoya: The Dream Match

December 6, 2008

I’m not a sports writer nor am I a boxing connoisseur.  However, I have eyes and a blog so I can still write about what I saw… so here goes.  This is what went on during Pacman’s fight against the Golden Boy. 🙂

Disclosure:  The following account represents what I saw during the fight.  Now, again, as I’m no expert, what I saw may be different from what you saw.  You will probably notice my focus on Pacman rather than de la Hoya; that’s because I am a fan of Pacquiao and saw Pacquiao more than his opponent and also because de la Hoya did not really do much of anything except stand there and take hit after hit from Pacman.

Nevertheless, I tried to be objective; but then again:

Even the most objective person is not. 😉

(I can hear “We Will Rock You” in the background.)

So here goes.


  • Adelaide Byrd
  • Stanley Christodoulou
  • Dave Moretti

Referee:   Tony Weeks

Round 1: Pacquaio showed speed, great defense and footwork as well as on-the-mark jabs (especially his powerful left).  He targeted the Golden Boy’s face and head.  Pacman was more active during the first round than I ever saw him (or at least I think so).  I say Round 1 went to Pacman.

Round 2: Landed poweful, straight jabs on De La Hoya’s face.  He also landed one against de la Hoya’s left side.  Pacman dominated the fight; de la Hoya looked dazed.  I say Round 2 went to Pacman.

Round 3: De la Hoya was less aggressive and still focused on hitting Pacman’s body. De la Hoya looked tired; Pacman looked like he has just started.  He looked like someone who has had a refreshing run at the park – a bit breathless but ready to take on anything.  Pacman made one especially remarkable and penetrating hit… after which he subsequently twisted and ran.  Hit and run pretty much describes pacman’s strategy at this point.  De la Hoya found it hard to catch Pacquiao.  I say Round 3 went to Pacman.

Round 4: Pacman continued his incessant attack againts de la Hoya.  For a while there, de la Hoya looked like he was coming to life; he got in a few hits to Pacman’s head but Pacman also got in some hits to de la Hoya’s midsection so I considered de la Hoya’s offense well countered.  Pacman got in more (and more powerful) hits so I give Pacman this round (he he he, saying it like i have a right to give Pacman anything 😆 ).

Round 5: De la Hoya became more aggressive this round; he was hitting back and connecting, too!  But Pacman got in with his power punches to de la Hoya’s face and de la Hoya went back to looking dazed.  Mid-round, however, de la Hoya trapped Pacman againts the ropes.  He held Pacman’s head with his right hand and jabbed repeatedly at manny’s head with his left.  Pacman was able to slip out and he looked enraged; unfortunately, the round ended then.  Even with de la Hoya’s comeback, Pacman still ruled this round.

Round 6: This round was different from the first five rounds.  For one, the contenders looked more heated than they had the previous rounds.  Pacman was still annoyed about the head punches that he received from de la Hoya so he was steaming when he came back to the ring.  De la Hoya, however, looked more alive than he had been so far.  There was an exchange of punches during this round:  punches and counter punches from both contenders.  For a while there, it looked like de la Hoya was being his Golden self once more; however, the heat began to drain out of de la Hoya near the end of the round while Pacman continued throwing sneak punches.  I say Pacman won this round.

Round 7: I don’t know what happened to de la Hoya during the break but he came back to the ring looking more tired and defeated than ever.  He looked scared of Pacman; he instinctively put his fists up whenever Pacman moved, as if to fend off whatever Pacman had to throw at him.  Pacman, however, became even more actively offensive at this point.  He threw punches left and right and pounded de la Hoya whenever he got close enough.  De la Hoya did not return any punches; he didn’t even appear to be trying to hit Pacman at this point.  It seemed like he only wanted to defend himself.  Pacman definitely dominated this round.

Round 8: De la Hoya was very shaky at this point.  He still looked scared of Pacman’s punches and did not appear to have any offensive strategy left (although he did not really appear to have much of it even from the beginning of the match).   He was trapped against the ropes several times and he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) fight back.  There were a few times when he tried to throw some weak punches but they did not even connect. Pacman pwned de la Hoya.

Round 9: Did not even have the chance to get off the ground.  De la Hoya surrendered and Pacman won!!!!

I was really expecting more from de la Hoya.  I was even scared for Pacman (again, as if I had the right to be scared for Pacman, we he he 😆 ).  Pacman is shorter than de la Hoya and using traditional wisdom, he was the underdog in this fight.  However, de la Hoya was so very slow.  He looked off his form (one rather harsh critic watching the fight with me even said that de la Hoya’s brain seemed to have signed off the moment the fight has started).  He was so sluggish and Pacman – who was really no quicker than usual – looked even quicker beside de la Hoya.

Pacquiao showed superb form and great stamina all throughout the fight.  Pacman obviously trained hard for this match.  This time, doubt did not cross my mind as to who deserves to win the match. 🙂  I say Pacquiao definitely won this fight!!!!

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!!!

p.s. it was a bit weird seeing Pacquiao cry (down, boy; this is not a criticism of the “man of the hour” 🙂 )

p.s. again:  I have nothing against de la Hoya.  He is a good sport.  I was really surprised about how bad he acquitted himself in this particular match. 😦 To be fair, he did have to lose weight to become eligible for the match.

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  1. December 7, 2008 8:27 pm

    You should read Pacquiao vs De La Hoya ( Reading Behind the Rounds ) if you want a ‘slightly different’ yet interestingly insightful (and accurate?) account of the Dream Match. 😉

  2. Kevin permalink
    December 6, 2008 11:55 pm

    Great fight. Pacman really showed how great he was tonite.

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I settle our disagreements at:

    I’d really appreciate it.

    • December 7, 2008 3:12 am

      Great fight indeed, on Manny’s side. However, I was rather disappointed at the lack of better action on de la Hoya’s part. Thanks for dropping by, Kevin. 🙂

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