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Put Name to Feet

December 3, 2008

I was told that this is a true story and has become an urban legend in Los Baños.  I’m not sure about that, but I think I have read this joke in Reader’s Digest:

A professor in UP Vet Med was giving an exam.  The students were given a sheet of paper full of pictures of animals’ feet.  The students, to pass the exam, had to identify the animals using these pictures as clues.

One student tried but he just could not identify the animals to which the feet belonged.  Fed up, he crumpled the exam paper, went to the professor’s table in front of the class room and loudly complained,

What kind of exam is this?  Do you seriously believe we can answer s*** like this?  Go take your exam and shove it up a convenient hole!

The professor was offended, naturally.  Indignant, he asked,

What’s your name?  WHAT’S YOUR NAME?!?

The student backed a couple of steps, showed the professor his feet and said,

Here are my feet; now you can tell what my name is.


May sarong maestro sa UP Vet Med na nagpa-exam.  Nagtao sya ning mga litrato kang mga hayop sa sarong papel.  Ang mga estudyanteng nag-eexam, dapat masukudan kung ano ang pangaran kang hayop na may sadiri kang bitis na nakadrowing sa papel.

An sarong estudyante nasakitan na grabe hanggang sa nagsuko na lang siya.  Ginurumos niya ang papel asin nagduman sa maestro tapos sinabihan ini sa anggot na paagi:

Anong klaseng exam yan?  Sa paghona mo, may makakasimbag kang arog kaiyang exam? Ayan na ang exam mo; ilaog mo kung saing labot na gusto mo.

Syempre, naanggot man ang maestro.  Naghapot ini sa estudyante:

Ano’ng pangaran mo?  ANO’NG PANGARAN MO?

Nag-urong na dikit ang estudyante, ipinahiling ang bitis sa maestro sabay sabi:

Ayan ang bitis ko; ngunyan, sabihon mo saku ang pangaran ko.

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