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Why You Need Good, Clean Underwear

August 17, 2008

Sounds like a sponsored ad for an underwear brand, no?  But it’s not.  This is important advice for anyone who cares to listen.  You should have a couple or more pairs of good, clean underwear.  More importantly, you should make sure to wear (one of) them when you go out to shop, to get your hair done, or to do any other errand that involves going out.


What if you had an accident while you were out?  You’d be rushed to the hospital then (just wish someone would do this little kindness for you).  Chances are, you’d be stripped.  If you’re wearing torn or really dirty underwear, it would be there exposed for everyone in the hospital to see.

And don’t think doctors and nurses are not going to remark on it.  Some doctors and nurses (at least those of whom I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances in the nursing and medical profession) are a little insensitive to their patients’ shame and distress.  Believe me, they’d laugh at you and point you out to all the other hospital personnel who have not seen you yet.  (That’s the patient I’ was telling you about – the one who was wearing “fishnet” underwear, HA HA HA HA HA).

Another note:  wear briefs or boxers if you’re  male and don’t borrow your wife’s or girlfriend’s panties under any circumstances – unless that’s what you do and you really don’t care.  🙂

To extend your education and show you that what I say is good advice, read “Our Deepest, Darkest Fears” by Jennifer; her post inspired this post, actually.

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