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Funny True Stories and Commercial Commentaries

August 2, 2008

True stories:

A gorgeous woman at Emall (cross my heart and hope to die, she was stunning), gesturing wildly and talking quite loudly:

Ano ako, tanga?  Kailangan ko raw mag-refreshing course!

(What am I, stupid?  They told me I need to take a refreshing course!)

Youtuber krullie255 has the perfect answer:


On a signboard in a residential subdivision near Monumento:

For Rent:  Lady Bedspacer

I say, like YouTuber mcburger:

Underneath this incriminating line is the word “Wanted.”  The owner of the house obviously meant to say:

(A room or a bed is) For Rent

(A) Lady Bedspacer (is) Wanted


On an ad from a cell phone repair shop:

We accept all kinds of cell phone services

You surely OFFER all kinds of cell phone services but ACCEPT all kinds of cell phones, right?  I’m confused, just like the baby in this commercial from YouTuber funnycomercials:

Please feel free to contribute your own funny people stories 🙂

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