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The Accident

June 10, 2008

Jing, Bo, Gordz, Lala, and I were on our way to Tio Tec’s house in Carolina.  Near Kayumanggi Resort, we saw a horrific sight.  A yellow motorcycle was blocking our way.  A man was lying prone at the middle of the road.  A woman – must have been the girlfriend, wife, sister, or cousin – lay beside him, hugging him and trying to keep him warm.  By all indications, the two of them had just been in a motorcycle accident.

I did not want to have nightmares so I stayed inside the car.  But even from a distance, I could see the blood oozing from a cut on the man’s head and the blood on the pavement.  I could also see his feet twitching – he was having spasms.

A nurse on her way to work came along.  She listened to his pulse and checked his vital signs as best she could then asked if an ambulance has been called.  Then she saw the car, came to the window and asked me and Bo – we were the only ones who refused to come out of the car – if the vehicle could be borrowed to bring the  injured man to the hospital.

That presented quite a dilemma.  It was quite late at night and If Gordz who was driving acquiesced, he’d have to leave all four of us there.   Gordz did not like the idea but the rest of us told him we’d be all right and that we’d just wait there for him, near the lamp post.  We didn’t want the man to die; and if he did die, we didn’t want him on our conscience.

And so Bo and I got off and joined Jing and Lala outside.  The injured man was carried to the backseat, and the woman with him sat on the front passenger seat.  Gordz turned the car around and drove away to the hospital.

All four of us who were left behind looked at each other.  Shock was still apparent on our faces and, for a while, no sound was heard except the song of the crickets.  Then, we talked all at once, trying to be jolly and cover up our apprehension.  It was very dark and we were stranded.   Jing, Lala and Bo’s father was coming to get us but it would be a long while yet before he reached us.

We sat forlornly at the side of the road under the lamp post.  Lala started sketching to pass the time.  I started humming, and Bo and Jing quietly talked to each other.  Faster than we had thought possible, Gordz came back to get us.  We could not go yet, however, for their father – Tio Romy – was on the way; he did not bring his cellphone so we had no way of telling him that Gordz was back.

Around five to ten minutes later, we saw Tio Romy’s car.  Bo got on it while Lala, Jing and I piled in the car with Gordz.  I noticed blood smudges on Gordz’ shirt, on the door and on the backseat.  We asked Gordz about the incident – how was the trip to the hospital, how was the patient, etc? 

It was a bit anticlimactic but according to Gordz, the man was not near-death at all.  After he lay stretched on the backseat, he actually tossed and turned – not because he was having another bout of spasms but because he was trying to find a more comfortable position.  Moreover, Gordz added, the man could walk when they reached the hospital and sat upright on a bench while awaiting medical attention.

The accident was also the man’s fault.  According to Gordz, he was just drunk – his breath and clothes reeked of liquor.  He was driving and drinking – classic story, huh?  He was so drunk that he could not get up on his own after he fell.  Furthermore, he did not have his helmet on so when he fell, he suffered a cut on his head.  Since he had so much alcohol in his system, he bled profusely and his injury appeared worse than it actually was. 

Oh well, I’m still glad we could help and that the man was not as badly hurt as we initially supposed.  Nevertheless, it was still annoying to discover that it was his own stupidity that got him and his companion into that mess.  We were scared shitless, stranded in the middle of nowehere because a man was idiotic enough to drive drunk and without a helmet on.

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  1. Jinky Bagagñan permalink
    June 11, 2008 4:24 am

    ha ha ha, grabe ano? natatandaan ko pa yung bahay sa tapat na nagsara ang ilaw pagkasabi mo lang na tatakbo tayo dun kung merong nang-harass sa atin.

  2. jinkydoodle permalink
    June 11, 2008 12:42 am

    hi, jinx. i remember that night all too clearly. hehehe. good thing nothing happened to us, pero i was becoming a bit paranoid ta madiklomon baga duman na maray, plus mayong ibang nag-aagi. but i’d still choose waiting for whoever comes to pick us up first than the ride home with papa. if you were with him, dyosko, matios ka ng sermon about people driving while drunk! and trust me, after you’ve heard it for about a gazillion times, mapagalon na dangogon! hehehe. aram mo, i was waiting for a “tsong, dai ka magturog” moment from gords, pero dai nya ako pinaunrahan. hahaha! 🙂

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