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Taxi Extra “Service”

May 5, 2008

Do you know that the going rate for casual sex with a taxi driver is P500 per person?

Don’t look at me like that (i.e. don’t give me what passes for “the stare” online). I know the going rate because a taxi driver once told me. No, I did not ask the taxi driver for a quote. He told me because he wanted to boast of his “lethal charms” to the ladies and the “ladies.”

We were talking about his life. He told me about his years in service – the legit kind. He told me about his wife who refused to work. He told me about his changes of address through the years, about his little girl, about his admirers – rich, middle-aged ladies, he said, who wanted him to leave his wife. He told me he was seriously considering it because he’s tired of a wife who refuses to pull her weight.

Then he told me about the other kind of service that some tax drivers engaged in. He’s had his offers, he told me. Even at his advanced age he said he’s still “attractive” and in great demand. He has never done it though, he assured me.

However, he told me about his neighbor, a taxi driver in his mid-twenties whom he has mentored in the past. This neighbor is married and has a little girl as well. He took lessons from my taxi driver about exemplary customer service; how to establish rapport with passengers and how to be nice to get a large tip.

The young taxi driver, however, gave a different interpretation to “rapport” and “nice”. He went beyond his way to give “exemplary service”. One night, he accepted an offer of a one-night stand with 3 guys for which he got paid – you got it! P1,500.00 🙂

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