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I’ll Have the Crown, the Necklace and the Money, Too

April 15, 2008

What will you do if you found yourself in this kind of situation?

Imagine winning the top spot in a prestigious beauty contest. You smiled oh-so-prettily for the camera, waved with gusto until your arms felt like falling off, and cried buckets of happy (yet still dainty) tears for effect. Then three days later – after countless victory parties, press conferences and intimate interviews – you got a call from the beauty pageant’s organizers, telling you that there has been a mistake. You were told something like this:

I’m sorry but you did not really win. We miscounted. Yeah, I know. It’s an unfortunate mistake but there’s nothing we can do about it. So there. But we have good news for you. We’ll give you a refund of your entry fee, and you may join the pageant next year for free. You may also keep the crown and the necklace that came with the title – isn’t that great? But do inform so-and-so that she is, in fact, the winner, ok?

So crass, no? No wonder Christina Silva, the mis-crowned Ms. California U.S.A. 2008, sued the pageant organizers.

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