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Blog Heaven

April 14, 2008

I have just upgraded my WordPress platform (not this blog but my credit and finance blog, although it’s nice to see the automatic upgrade here at I am currently in blog heaven. I’m as happy as swine in mud.

On another note, Mill would argue that there’s a great deal of difference between the quality of happiness that I and the above-named animal can feel. Of course he would have a point; but as far as “levels of happiness” are concerned, I think the swine in mud and I with my WordPress blog are both at the highest levels of happiness that we are capable of feeling – albeit we have different capacities for happiness (just repeating myself to make sure you understand that I have “finer sensitivities” than swine; can’t have you thinking otherwise).

Oopss… does this mean that I am not going to achieve perfect “utility” – i.e. perfect happiness that comes from making others happy. Got to think about that for now, he he he.

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