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Way, Way off Base!

March 10, 2008

In YouTube, there’s a rip of a quite popular McDonalds commercial: you recall the Gina-Karen commercial? In this TV ad, a young lady brings her grandfather to McDonalds for dinner or for a snack. The grandfather or “Lolo” has Alzheimer’s so he keeps calling the young lady Gina although she is, in fact, Karen.

To start the conversation off, Lolo asks the young lady “Where have you been, Gina?” The young lady smilingly corrects her grandfather, “Lolo, it’s Karen (not Gina).” Lolo seems not to have heard her and says next, “Because it’s been a while since I’ve seen you last, Gina.” Karen loses her patient smile. Lolo persists, saying, “All right; let’s eat now, Gina.” Karen, at this point, is feeling very hurt and sounds curt when she attempts to correct her grandfather once again “It’s Karen (not Gina).” Her grandfather obviously doesn’t recognize her – he can’t get her name right so what was she supposed to think, huh?

Then, Lolo does something unexpected. He gets the knife, cuts his burger into two halves and carefully rewraps one half – obviously Lolo wants to take this portion home. The kicker comes when Lolo says, still in the same oblivious manner, “And this (obviously referring to the rewrapped half burger) is for my favorite granddaughter, Karen.”

Lolo’s favorite granddaughter is Karen, after all! This makes Karen smile – for even if her Lolo doesn’t “see” her right now, she is reassured in her grandfather’s abiding and deep love for her.

This commercial is very heartwarming, indeed, and typically Filipino. However, that’s not what inspired this post. Amidst the predictable comments about how touching, how great and how wonderful the commercial was, was a very bizarre response to the ad – and it cracked me up.

You see, Lolo – at the very start of the commercial – was playing with a hanky puppet and singing a Filipino folk song, Leron Leron Sinta. He was singing the part “Dala dala’y buslo, sisidlan ng bunga. Pagdating sa dulo…” which, loosely translated means, “She has a basket for carrying fruit. When she reached the top (of the papaya tree)…

But someone, obviously unfamiliar with the language and the song, heard something entirely different from the innocuous lines abovementioned. He was so baffled that he had to ask:

“Why did the old guy call her a lying donkey whore, in the beginning….I didn’t understand that.”

What??? “Dala dala’y buslo, sisidlan ng bunga. Pagdating sa dulo…” means what again? “A lying donkey whore?” 😆

That’s wacky! I couldn’t stop laughing my stomach hurt afterwards.

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