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Be “Moot”

February 14, 2008

I did some reading today for a research project, and I encountered the following grammar errors. Of course, I did not copy and paste the exact statements here. I don’t want any controversy (yeah, right).

I can see both sides of the argument. However, I can’t see the point of debating about it any further. The point is mute.” This is hilarious, mind-blowing, extremely funny (take your pick). Alright, I’ll shut up now and be “moot” he he.

It has effected her hearing.” The root word “effect” is a noun. In this case, it has been used improperly as a verb. He or she should have used “affected” instead.

You smell well.” Now this statement is very interesting. Imagine telling a girl you admire that she has a great sense of smell. I don’t know about other girls but being told that I have good olfactory sense doesn’t do anything for me.

I was expecting more pastries, but I only saw cream pudding on the table.” It sounds right, but it is not. You see, given the context, you are saying that you expected more than just cream pudding on the table. The word “only” should come before “cream pudding” and not before “saw.” The original statement is saying, “There are other things that I could have done with the cream pudding on the table but I only saw it.” It just doesn’t make sense. Sigh…

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